9-11: Exercises; additional information

A researcher has posted exercise-related information gleaned from the universe of available interviews conducted by the Commission Staff.  This is valuable qualitative analysis now available to other interested researchers.  The researcher caveats that this is a work in progress and should be treated accordingly.  It is a significant level of effort, one that avoids the ‘snapshot’ analysis pitfall.  I do have additional insight that may be helpful.

Still to be released by NARA are the audio files of the interviews.  It is possible that not all recorded interviews were memorialized in MFRs.  In most cases MFRs were created using both the notes of interviews and the recordings.  My recall is MFRs were made of all unrecorded interviews.

Also still to be released are the database files of the Commission.  All documents provided to the Commission were catalogued, stored and maintained in classified and unclassified holdings.  Staff members copied docuemts from the master files as needed and some of those copies became part of the staff work files which have been released by NARA.