9-11: Delta 1989; relationship to UA 93

Recently, Fox News aired a special, “9/11: Timeline of Terror” on the 8th anniversary of 9-11.  Major General Larry Arnold was among the voices heard describing the events of the day.  It is not clear if the clips featuring General Arnold were made for the special or were file footage.  My speculation is that it was file footage since General Arnold misspeaks about NORAD knowledge of UA 93.  The plane he is heard describing was Delta 1989.  NORAD had no knowledge of UA 93 in the time frame to which General Arnold refers.

The Commission Staff spent time with General Arnold explaining to him, using a radar presentation based on 84th RADES radar files, that the plane they observed meandering that day was, in fact, Delta 1989.  He acknowledged that fact.

As I have stated elsewhere, the only hijacked plane track forward told (electronically linked) by NEADS that morning was track B-89.  That was the track for Delta 1989.  That fact that it was track number 89 is coincidental.

Here is a graphic, based on 84th RADES radar files showing the relationship of Delta 1989 and UA 93.  The graphic was created on September 16, 2009. UA93 and Delta 1989