The Trump Revolution: where he is; where he needs to be, an update

On the eve of the Wisconsin primary it is time for an update on Donald Trump, the revolutionary. When Governor Christie’s endorsed Trump I published “The Trump Revolution: where he is; where he needs to be.” So, where are we?

According to the article, Trump is a revolutionary, the American political system institutionalizes the processes of revolution, and Trump has four tasks remaining to be accomplished.  The four are:

  • Become King of the Hill, the only candidate still standing
  • Master the Game of Thrones, compel all foes to bend a knee
  • Control the Will of the Convention, harness the RNC or become harnessed to achieve unity
  • Run to the Center to cause the election opponent to lose

King of the Hill. Trump has not succeeded in thinning the herd. Two remain, still, at this late date.  His ability to be alone at the top going into the convention is now problematic. Bluster and intimidation are no longer working to his advantage. Successful revolutionary movements have both positive and negative components. A successful movement has an ideology with broad positive appeal. Without positive appeal the Trump revolution lacks quality and has reduced chances of success.

Game of Thrones. Two knees have bent, Christie and Carson. Other knees have also bent, but not in Trump’s favor. In a successful revolutionary movement all knees are bent for the King of the Hill.  Sitting out is not an option; successful revolution requires all knees to bend. If not, the Trump revolution sputters.

Will of the Convention. The necessary outcome of the convention is unity, without reservation. Neither the Trump campaign nor the RNC has demonstrated that they can compel unity. All know they cannot proceed to the general election without unity. The outcome is not predictable, except to say, united they stand, divided they fall.

Run to the Center. Trump has shown an uncertain ability to run to the center if he gets the nomination. He has not shown the astuteness needed to do so in a way that will cause his Democratic opponent to lose.

“On Wisconsin”