You Tube Presentations

Here are the You Tube episodes for the series “9/11, And Then There Was Chaos.”

Season 1

Episode I, The Battle

Episode II, The Attack

Episode III, Part 1, Chaos Defined

Episode III, Part 2, Chaos Contained

Episode III, Part 3, The Language of Chaos

Episode III, Part 4, Cascading Bifurcation

Episode IV, Principles of War

Episode V, Part 1, The Otis Scramble, Preview

Episode V, Part 2, The Otis Scramble, Initial Events

Episode V, Part 3, The Otis Scramble, The Gretzky Rule corrected and published Jul 28, 2021

Episode V, Part 4, The Otis Scramble, What If

Episode VI, Part 1, The Langley Scramble, Misdirection

Episode VI, Part 2, The Langley Scramble, The World Has Gone Mad

Episode VII, The Andrews Story; the hunted, not the hunter

Episode VIII, National Report Card

Season 2

Episode I, Gofer 06

Episode II, Delta 1989

Episode III, The E4Bs

Episode IV, Air Force One

Episode V, The Adjutant General’s Story

Episode VI, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

Episode VIII, The Mission Crew Commander’s Story

Episode IX, Exercise Vigilant Guardian

Season 3

Episode I, Boston Center

Episode II, New York Center

Episode III, Indianapolis Center

Episode IV, Washington Center

Episode V, The TRACONS

Episode VI, FAA, Command Center

Episode VII, FAA, Headquarters