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The Definitive Quote (Team 8 to the Front Office)

“In perhaps no aspect of the 9-11 attacks is the public record, as reflected in both news accounts and testimony before this Commission, so flatly at odds with the truth.”

The words, above, were written by Team 8 Leader, John Farmer, to describe what we learned about the air defense story on 9/11.  The account that emerged in the aftermath was wrong on nearly every level.

Why? Because the national level attempted to show that it had been responsive.  It did not need to do so. The events of that morning were a battle, one fought several echelons below the national level. The national level did not begin to get itself organized until 9:20 EDT. A critical misreading of the log at the Northeast Air Defense Sector by officers charged with determining the FAA notification times to the military simply added to the confusion in the aftermath.

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Miles Kara