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First time and occasional visitors will benefit from a road map, given that the content of this site has reached substantial proportion.  Follow the map and then branch out either using the search function or clicking on a given category or page.

A good place to begin is to read “About Me” and “Joining the Commission Staff.”

If your time is limited I recommend two short cuts of interest.  First, go to “What’s New, Recent,” and, if interested, the What’s New archives for 2009,  2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013 for thumbnail synopses and links to articles as I posted them, chronologically.  Second,  “Correspondent’s Corner” contains my responses to questions and issues raised to me.

For a focused look at the air defense story go to my article about NORAD, “The Crux of the Matter.” That article pulls together much of my air defense research in a single article, with links to other relevant articles.

The “Scott Trilogy” is essential reading to gain an understanding of the state of public knowledge about the events of 9-11 prior to the Commission’s work and subsequent report.

A good first article, thereafter, is “The Ghosts of 9-11, the transponder story” to gain an understanding of the attack against the national airspace system.

I have written four in-depth articles concerning the attack.  Two of them are next on the suggested road map.  The first article describes the attack and response as a battle in a larger war on terror.  The second article describes the attack in terms of the testimony” of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed at the Zacarias Moussaoui trial.

Thereafter, I suggest a perusal of the “Chaos Theory” category to gain an understanding of why and how I use the lens of Chaos Theory to help understand the events on the morning of 9-11.  Specifically, look at my preliminary articles: “Chaos Theory: 9-11, thinking out loud, and “Chaos Theory and 9-11, some preliminary thoughts.”

Then, read the third in-depth article on the attack and the response, “9-11: Chaos and Ghosts; little understood at the time, poorly understood even today.”

After that, read and listen to the fourth and latest in-depth review of the attack and response. This is a five-part story of 9/11 in the voice of the key individual directing the air defense effort, Major Kevin Nasypany, the on-duty Mission Crew Commander.  This unique perspective provides you a front row seat as the battle unfolded that day at the Northeast Air Defense Sector.

Finally, take a look at the “Framework for Analysis.”  I provide a neutral framework that anyone can use to present and analyze a body of information concerning 9-11, pre-event, event, and post-event.  I establish that the event was a terrorist attack.  Anyone with a different thesis is welcome to use the framework.



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